Summer School 2022

Summer School 2022


Its all about Change! And lots of small groups



Morning Peeps!

Those of you who are still fighting fit and ploughing forward as best you can, I salute you. Between all of our Governments I don’t know how any of us are still standing, but it would appear that those who work in the heady world of EFL are made of tough stuff. Congratulations.

So without further ado or drama, I am simply informing you that our Club Summer School Programme is now live and on the web. It will run for six weeks on a rolling intake. A “Three week programme” repeated on the 4th/5th & 6th week, with lots of activities which are fun; enjoyable and educational as well as allowing the more nervous of us to feel safe and secure knowing that our groups, on the whole, will never be more than six students & one teacher. Find out more by hitting that link below!

Summer School

  • On this link you will find the following;
  • Information on the Club Project Programme
  • A copy of the 3 week Programme – Excursions & Activities
  • Our Theme for 2022! Ch Ch Ch Changes
  • The choice of topics we will work on during this time. Lots for them to choose from and enjoying debating and researching
  • Downloadable Programme
  • Downloadable Summer School Brochure
  • Gross Selling prices
  • Start & finish dates
  • Please contact us for Agents Rates

We are really excited.

We hope you will be also.

Summer School Questions. Email us now.

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