Earn a Doctorate of Information Assurance (Cybersecurity)

Earn a Doctorate of Information Assurance (Cybersecurity)

DIA is distinguished among cybersecurity leaders

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At University of Fairfax

Earn a Doctorate of Information Assurance (DIA) from University of Fairfax

Cybersecurity is relatively a new field and not many universities have solid courses. When even qualified entry-level professionals are hard to come-by, enterprises are struggling to find ‘leaders’ in the field. There is a huge demand for skilled experts in the field who can design new processes, train new professionals and implement them in the organizations. Here’s a doctorate for cybersecurity professionals to bridge this gap.

The University of Fairfax Doctorate of Information Assurance (DIA) is distinguished among cybersecurity leaders. Our doctoral students have diverse professional objectives – such as becoming a cybersecurity leader, policymaker, applied researcher or academic. Your admissions advisor will guide you to pursue the doctoral program that best fits your career goals and interests.

**Note** This program is offered in both a full distance education and a hybrid delivery format which allows students to take a portion of their coursework in a residential setting.

Learn more about DIA here!

Distance Education Incentive for Recruiting Partners

American National University and University of Fairfax are offering a bonus of up to $1200 per student (on top of the regular pay earned). Current signed recruiting partners can earn this bonus by recruiting international students (non-US residents) to a distance education degree program at American National University or University of Fairfax. Students must start their degree program between October 2021 and February 2022. Terms and conditions apply.

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The Indian Springs School

The Indian Springs School

From the Indian Springs School Admission Office


Greetings from Indian Springs School!

For those of you still familiarizing yourselves with Indian Springs School, we are a day and boarding school for grades 8-12 located just 20 minutes from downtown Birmingham, Alabama. Indian Springs School consistently ranks as the number one private high school in Alabama and a top five boarding school in the South. Our campus is 350 acres, and we share a border with a 10,000-acre state park. Thus, our location truly combines the beauty of the natural environment with the benefits of a major metropolitan city nearby.

We write to you today to share some important admission information, dates, and deadlines.

First, we recognize that due to the pandemic, many students may not be able to visit us this fall. Please note that we are offering prospective international students the opportunity to take a guided virtual tour, and we are hosting a virtual open house on Sunday, January 9, 2022 from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. CST. To schedule a guided virtual tour, please email mike.rowlett, and to RSVP for the virtual open house please click here.

Secondly, our admission application and the SAO application are now live. For boarding applicants, the deadline to apply is Monday, January 31, 2022, and we encourage applicants to get started on their application as soon as possible!

Finally, we recognize that there is sometimes a gap between the price of tuition and a family’s ability to pay, and thus, international applicants are welcome to apply for need-based financial aid at Indian Springs School. To apply, please complete the SSS application. Also, feel free to peruse some of our named scholarships. These named scholarships are also need-based and can further offset the cost of tuition.

P.S. In the video below, please find footage and commentary on some of what makes Indian Springs such a unique educational option.



What Can ANU Offer You?

What Can ANU Offer You?

Advantages for international students

At American National University, We Bring Our University to You

Why American National University?

Distinctive features and benefits are what set an American National University education apart for international students:

  • STEM OPT Programs: We offer numerous STEM OPT options at both the bachelor’s and master’s degree levels.
  • Day 1 CPT: Our graduate programs include a practicum, allowing you to qualify for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) from Day 1 of your program with no additional fees for CPT.
  • Grants & Scholarships: We offer grants & scholarships for international students who qualify to assist with financing your American education.
  • ESL: We offer ESL preparation, either before enrollment or concurrently with your academic program.
  • Heritage: 135 years of training men and women from more than 100 countries.


What Can ANU Offer You?

Our video (above) describes the features and benefits American National University has to offer international students – in the words of a graduate.

Learn more today by initiating the application process and see how easy it is to begin your American education!

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You’ve been gifted 20% off!

You’ve been gifted 20% off!

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