Corinium Language Associates

Corinium Language Associates

Multilingual Recruitment


  Why Choose Corinium Language Associates?

Corinium Language Associates stands out for several reasons:

Specialized Knowledge:   With expertise in placing foreign language-speaking candidates in a job market facing a shortage of multilingual professionals, they provide a screened selection of qualified and experienced multilingual speakers, saving time and money.

Extensive Database:   The company has built an extensive database of multilingual candidates, including speakers of French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Scandinavian, and Japanese. They actively seek new talent to proactively reach out to potential candidates.

Success-Fee Basis:   Corinium Language Associates operates on a success-fee basis, ensuring that no fee is incurred until a candidate starts a job. They also offer a structured rebate if a candidate leaves within the first 12 weeks of employment.

Coverage:   The company covers permanent and contract roles or temporary roles, the latter being managed through their payroll system.


  Support Throughout the Recruitment Process:

Candidate Search:   The company actively seeks new talent and proactively reaches out to potential candidates to provide a screened selection.

Candidate Selection:   Every candidate undergoes a telephone or real-time video interview with multilingual recruitment consultants. Suitable candidates, along with their CVs and summaries, are submitted to clients.

Language Testing:   Corinium Language Associates offers free language assessments to evaluate candidates’ language competence, conducted by qualified assessors following the CEFR standards.

Understanding Your Vacancy and Feedback:   To find successful fits, they thoroughly understand the role, job description, company background, and culture. Regular communication and feedback are valued throughout the recruitment process.


    Specialist Language Tuition


Corinium Language Associates also offers specialized language tuition tailored to the real world. Whether individuals need to enhance their commercial language skills, prepare for a presentation in a foreign language, or adapt to a new cultural environment, their personalized tuition is designed to meet specific needs.


  Reasons to Choose Corinium for Language Tuition:

Tailored Lessons:   Lessons are based on individual needs, focused on specific industries or purposes.

Qualified Instructors:   Learning is facilitated by highly qualified native or near-native teachers.

Flexibility:   Sessions are flexible to fit into busy schedules, allowing for short-notice cancellations or adjustments.

Focus on Progress:   Learners can bring their questions, challenges, and priorities to each lesson, ensuring relevant and rapid progress.

Cultural Understanding:   The tuition includes the study of cultural differences and mindsets, enhancing overall language learning.

Enjoyable Learning:   If learners stop enjoying the sessions, they have the flexibility to change their teacher.


    Language Training Process

Initial Consultation:   A discussion to outline goals, priorities, timeframes, and preferences for location and delivery style.

Tutor Selection:   Careful selection of the right tutor based on individual needs.

Language Skills Assessment:   An assessment of existing language skills, measured against the Common European Framework of Reference.

Regular Progress Reviews:   Continuous reviews of progress, with adaptations to the learning style if needed.

Program Completion:   A progress report and internal accreditation are provided at the end of the program, along with recommendations for further learning.


Whether it’s multilingual recruitment or specialized language tuition, Corinium Language Associates prioritizes customization, flexibility, and client satisfaction. For more information, individuals and businesses are encouraged to reach out to their team for a personalized conversation about their language service needs.

City Language School

City Language School

City Education Group Overview

City Education Group is a beacon of learning, boasting over 5,000 students across 134 programs supported by a dedicated team of 230 staff members. Situated in the vibrant heart of Dublin, our school embraces history, culture, and the warmth of its people. We believe in surpassing expectations through exceptional teachers, cutting-edge programs, and a unique customer service ethos.

Our Location – The Heart of Dublin

Nestled in the City Centre, our school is part of the dynamic City Education Group. We focus on career-related programs with a strong emphasis on technology inside and outside the classroom. Students benefit from rich social activities, progress monitoring, and personal feedback. Our dedicated team ensures a supportive learning environment with highly qualified teachers and numerous career development opportunities, including internships and part-time career diplomas.

Academic Excellence

Our experienced and qualified teachers employ dynamic, innovative programs enhanced by the latest digital learning technology. Equipped with Interactive Whiteboards, our classrooms provide instant access to multimedia materials, enriching your learning experience. City Language School tailors programs to your needs, fostering real-world interaction and skill development for social, academic, and professional contexts.

Director of Studies – Aoife Harrington

As the Director of Studies, my mission is to help you achieve proficiency in English for various contexts. We prioritize not only language proficiency but also essential life skills. Our highly qualified teachers design integrated lessons to explore engaging material, ensuring a student-centered approach. The Academic Team actively monitors progress, providing personal feedback and support.

Your Learning Path – Start Little, Dream Big

Our aim is to help you progress rapidly through individualized attention from our academic and support team. Pre-course learning advice, expert placement, and a personalized approach ensure you maximize your learning experience. We offer a rich and varied choice of tours, excursions, and social activities to complement your learning journey.

City Language School – Dublin, IrelandOur school, located on Dame Street in Dublin, provides state-of-the-art facilities and superb customer service. Dublin, voted Europe’s friendliest city, offers a unique blend of culture, music, and history. Our school’s central location ensures you are immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of Temple Bar and have easy access to the breathtaking natural scenery surrounding the city.

Fact Box: Facilities, Services, and Accreditations

Our facilities include classrooms with interactive whiteboard technology, a student lounge, and a snack area, all with free Wi-Fi. Additional services like accommodation, airport transfers, medical insurance, and exam booking services are available. We hold accreditations from ACELS and are members of MEI and Bildungsurlaub.

English+ Programs – Tailored for You

Whether you choose General English, Business English, or Exam Preparation, our programs cater to diverse needs. The English+ Programs offer unique opportunities, such as internships, work placements, and special needs assistant courses. Our team ensures a personalized experience, fostering innovation and effective learning.

Study & Travel – Explore Ireland and Beyond

Our Study & Travel program combines language learning with the opportunity to work part-time and explore Ireland and Europe. It’s a unique experience for non-EU students to study, work, and travel.

English+ Work Placement and Internship

For those seeking practical experience, our English+ Work Placement and Internship programs guarantee placements in various sectors. Students gain real-life experience while improving their English language skills.

Student of the Year – Recognizing Excellence

Each year, we recognize outstanding students. In 2022, Maria Emilia Faustino Ferraz de Amorim received the Student of the Year award for her dedication and commitment.

Part-Time Career Diplomas – Enhancing Your Skills

Our sister college, City Colleges (CEG), offers part-time career diplomas in various fields. These evening, weekend, and online classes allow you to combine work and study seamlessly.

Higher Education Degree Programs

In collaboration with City Colleges, we offer Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degrees in Business and Finance and Early Childhood Education and Care. These programs equip students with essential skills for success in their chosen fields.

Diplomas in Cyberpsychology, Bookkeeping and Payroll, Criminology & Forensic Psychology

Our part-time career diplomas cover diverse areas such as Cyberpsychology, Bookkeeping and Payroll, and Criminology & Forensic Psychology. These courses, delivered by leading professionals, enhance your knowledge and skills.

English+ Special Needs Assistant Program

Our English+ Special Needs Assistant Program combines English language learning with a Diploma in Special Needs Assistance, providing a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth.

City Language School stands as a beacon of English language education, offering a comprehensive and personalized learning experience. Our commitment to academic excellence, combined with a rich array of programs and services, ensures your journey with us is both fulfilling and transformative. Welcome to City Language School, where language learning meets limitless possibilities.

Yokoama International Education Academy

Yokoama International Education Academy

The Yokohama International Education Academy has been providing quality Japanese language education for over 30 years in the city of Yokohama. Our experience and expertise allow us to evolve with the times and ensure our service constantly meets the expectations of our students and the global community. Yokohama is a prominent and energetic city attracting tourists and businesses alike. It is situated within the greater Tokyo metropolitan area yet manages to maintain its quiet charm as an international port city. In this marvelous environment, thousands of students have completed their studies and went on to follow their dreams.

York College

York College

ESOL courses are for people who are, or are intending to become, long-term UK residents and meet the eligibility criteria specified by the UK Government. Documentary evidence will be required. More details are available at the screening interview.

Improving knowledge of English will help students get jobs, gain promotion and generally improve their skills in the workplace.

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
Subject Area
Start Date
Study Mode
15 Weeks
Entry Requirements
No initial formal qualifications or experience are required, but students will be required to attend an initial screening interview in order to identify which ESOL course is most appropriate. If you have previously gained an ESOL qualification, you will be able to enrol to the next level.

Yanapuma Foundation

Yanapuma Foundation

Short-term Study Abroad, Service Learning and Volunteering programs in Ecuador – academic and experiential, faculty-led and hosted itineraries exploring social, cultural, environmental themes and sustainable development.
Optional Spanish classes at all levels can be combined with volunteering at one of several community and grass-roots projects in either Quito or Cuenca. Students can volunteer or intern at health centers and clinics, with pre-school, elementary and secondary school children, children with learning difficulties, street children and homeless aged persons, and more specifically skilled placements. We also recommend homestays with local host families as the best way to immerse oneself in the language and culture of Ecuador.