City Language School

City Language School

City Education Group Overview

City Education Group is a beacon of learning, boasting over 5,000 students across 134 programs supported by a dedicated team of 230 staff members. Situated in the vibrant heart of Dublin, our school embraces history, culture, and the warmth of its people. We believe in surpassing expectations through exceptional teachers, cutting-edge programs, and a unique customer service ethos.

Our Location – The Heart of Dublin

Nestled in the City Centre, our school is part of the dynamic City Education Group. We focus on career-related programs with a strong emphasis on technology inside and outside the classroom. Students benefit from rich social activities, progress monitoring, and personal feedback. Our dedicated team ensures a supportive learning environment with highly qualified teachers and numerous career development opportunities, including internships and part-time career diplomas.

Academic Excellence

Our experienced and qualified teachers employ dynamic, innovative programs enhanced by the latest digital learning technology. Equipped with Interactive Whiteboards, our classrooms provide instant access to multimedia materials, enriching your learning experience. City Language School tailors programs to your needs, fostering real-world interaction and skill development for social, academic, and professional contexts.

Director of Studies – Aoife Harrington

As the Director of Studies, my mission is to help you achieve proficiency in English for various contexts. We prioritize not only language proficiency but also essential life skills. Our highly qualified teachers design integrated lessons to explore engaging material, ensuring a student-centered approach. The Academic Team actively monitors progress, providing personal feedback and support.

Your Learning Path – Start Little, Dream Big

Our aim is to help you progress rapidly through individualized attention from our academic and support team. Pre-course learning advice, expert placement, and a personalized approach ensure you maximize your learning experience. We offer a rich and varied choice of tours, excursions, and social activities to complement your learning journey.

City Language School – Dublin, IrelandOur school, located on Dame Street in Dublin, provides state-of-the-art facilities and superb customer service. Dublin, voted Europe’s friendliest city, offers a unique blend of culture, music, and history. Our school’s central location ensures you are immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of Temple Bar and have easy access to the breathtaking natural scenery surrounding the city.

Fact Box: Facilities, Services, and Accreditations

Our facilities include classrooms with interactive whiteboard technology, a student lounge, and a snack area, all with free Wi-Fi. Additional services like accommodation, airport transfers, medical insurance, and exam booking services are available. We hold accreditations from ACELS and are members of MEI and Bildungsurlaub.

English+ Programs – Tailored for You

Whether you choose General English, Business English, or Exam Preparation, our programs cater to diverse needs. The English+ Programs offer unique opportunities, such as internships, work placements, and special needs assistant courses. Our team ensures a personalized experience, fostering innovation and effective learning.

Study & Travel – Explore Ireland and Beyond

Our Study & Travel program combines language learning with the opportunity to work part-time and explore Ireland and Europe. It’s a unique experience for non-EU students to study, work, and travel.

English+ Work Placement and Internship

For those seeking practical experience, our English+ Work Placement and Internship programs guarantee placements in various sectors. Students gain real-life experience while improving their English language skills.

Student of the Year – Recognizing Excellence

Each year, we recognize outstanding students. In 2022, Maria Emilia Faustino Ferraz de Amorim received the Student of the Year award for her dedication and commitment.

Part-Time Career Diplomas – Enhancing Your Skills

Our sister college, City Colleges (CEG), offers part-time career diplomas in various fields. These evening, weekend, and online classes allow you to combine work and study seamlessly.

Higher Education Degree Programs

In collaboration with City Colleges, we offer Bachelor of Arts (Honours) degrees in Business and Finance and Early Childhood Education and Care. These programs equip students with essential skills for success in their chosen fields.

Diplomas in Cyberpsychology, Bookkeeping and Payroll, Criminology & Forensic Psychology

Our part-time career diplomas cover diverse areas such as Cyberpsychology, Bookkeeping and Payroll, and Criminology & Forensic Psychology. These courses, delivered by leading professionals, enhance your knowledge and skills.

English+ Special Needs Assistant Program

Our English+ Special Needs Assistant Program combines English language learning with a Diploma in Special Needs Assistance, providing a unique opportunity for personal and professional growth.

City Language School stands as a beacon of English language education, offering a comprehensive and personalized learning experience. Our commitment to academic excellence, combined with a rich array of programs and services, ensures your journey with us is both fulfilling and transformative. Welcome to City Language School, where language learning meets limitless possibilities.

Zoni Language Centers

Zoni Language Centers

Why is Zoni Manhattan the Best Place to Learn English in New York?
Zoni Manhattan offers a variety of English courses, meaning there is a something for everyone! For example, our popular Premium Intensive English Program helps you to improve your English quickly. If you want to study at a college or university, we offer TOEFL iBT, IELTS and Cambridge ESOL Preparation Courses. At the end of these courses, you can even take your exam at Zoni. Our Manhattan campus is an authorized test center for both Cambridge and TOEFL iBT. Additionally, if your focus is Business, you can join our ESL for Business progam. Conveniently, this course has a flexible schedule. This means you can choose the class times that best suit you.On top of studying English, students can part take in various activities. For instance, field trips in the New York Metropolitan area, school events and visits to other states such as Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Boston!

Zoni English Language Centers offers you a complete experience – fantastic classes, fun activities, and an exciting location. Zoni Manhattan is the best choice to learn English in New York!

The City at a Glance…

When you learn English in New York it is important to know a little about the city. Below are a few interesting facts about Manhattan and NYC.

New York City is a giant city commonly known as “The Big Apple”. It is also the most populated city in the United States. Altogether, approximately 8.2 million people live there. As a matter of fact, each of the city’s five boroughs are bigger than many famous cities around the world.

Manhattan is an island located between the Hudson and East Rivers. It is a global hub for finance, politics, communications, film, music, fashion, and culture. In fact, many world-class museums, art galleries, and theaters are found on Manhattan. Similarly, many of the world’s largest corporations have their headquarters there. Even the United Nations is located in Manhattan.

All in all, when you learn English in New York at Zoni Manhattan, you are not only getting great lessons, you also experience living in one of the most exciting places on earth!




A full day of learning and fun with the students! The students started off the day with their English lessons, then a brutal hike in Horseshoe Canyon. The students really challenged themselves with the hike and it was nice to see all the students helping and making sure all the students were okay. Then we went to the Royal Tyrrell Museum to learn more about dinosaurs. Lastly, we had supper at the waterpark where we spent the evening getting soaked , tossing balls and eating veggies, salads and sausages!

Xuk Camp

Xuk Camp

About XUK Camps

Xkeys Ltd is a company owned and run by brothers Richard and Nicholas Bernstein.

We are OFSTED ‘Outstanding’ & accredited by the BAC

XUK Camps run:

XUK Activity: our summer activity residential camp for children and teens aged 7 -17.

XUK English: our summer language school with exceptional quality English language tuition for children and teens aged 9 -17.

XUK Excel: our elective activity summer camp for children and teens aged 8 -16. International students can improve their English surrounded by our wonderful British culture

Mini Minors & XUK Day Camp: Children aged 3 -12 split into smaller age groups to take part in a huge range of fun, interesting and challenging activities.

Richard Bernstein and Nick Bernstein direct XUK camps

Each year that we run camps and activities, our systems improve, activities develop and we get better at what we do.

Yeats College Galway

Yeats College Galway

Yeats College Galway is a renowned educational institution located in Galway, Ireland. Established in 1992, it provides high-quality education to secondary school students and is recognized for its academic excellence.

The college stands out for its highly qualified and dedicated faculty, who guide students towards academic success. The teachers are experts in their respective fields and are passionate about education. They provide individualized support to students, helping them develop their skills and reach their full potential.

Yeats College Galway offers a wide range of study programs, including transition programs to university, preparation programs for national and international exams, as well as summer courses. Students benefit from a stimulating and interactive learning environment, fostering engagement and active participation.

The college also emphasizes the personal development of students, offering diverse extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, and music. This allows students to develop their talents and interests outside the academic setting.

In addition to its commitment to academic excellence, Yeats College Galway also cares about the well-being of students. It has modern and well-equipped facilities to ensure a safe and comfortable learning environment.

In summary, Yeats College Galway is a renowned educational institution offering high-quality education. With its qualified faculty, wide range of study programs, and commitment to the personal development of students, the college prepares students to succeed in their studies and thrive in their future lives.