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Welcome to ACTILANGUE, a center for teaching French as a foreign language in France since 1977.


Our institute offers quality French courses for foreigners, learning and language improvement programs all year round. To access the site, click below on the language of your choice. Actilangue is declared as a private higher education institution with academic authorities.


Actilangue is listed by the FLE Promotion Agency in the Grand Directory of FLE centers in France. After a written test and a brief interview, students are placed in different groups. The Actilangue school program combines spoken language learning with social and cultural activities, as well as excursions. For all levels, the emphasis is on the use of spoken and written language. Language is learned through representations of everyday practical life and reinforced by acquiring information about the lifestyle and habits of the French.


The Institute: Private French Language School


Actilangue was founded in 1977 by Paul Ceccaldi, the Director. He is responsible for all aspects of the programs and assists and advises students. Michel Durand is the Pedagogical Director. The school occupies a building in the heart of Nice, near the Negresco hotel. The beach and the famous Promenade des Anglais are only a 2-minute walk away. The courses are taught by experienced teachers. All are university graduates and have specific experience in teaching French as a foreign language. Most also have other specialty degrees (literature, history, art, etc.). In addition to their qualifications, teachers are selected based on their ability to engage and stimulate students during their studies.


Teaching Methods


The latest direct teaching methods are used in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, ensuring optimal intensity and maximum individuality. This helps the student acquire all the elements of language they will need to use in and out of class. All students have access to materials developed by Actilangue, including the FRANÇAIS LANGUE ÉTRANGÈRE 1, 2 & 3 manuals. These are periodically updated so that students have very up-to-date materials. Emphasis on spoken language is a feature of the Actilangue program. Intensive course students have one or two conversation lessons in small groups. Students are grouped by age and interests in addition to their level of knowledge. Grouped in this way, the teacher can better guide the course towards topics of common interest. Students improve their oral expression by converting their passive knowledge into active application through appropriate exercises. Advanced level students practice language through debates and discussions.


Mediterranean Climate


Nice, with its mild climate and exceptional geographical location between the Maritime Alps and the Mediterranean, is as attractive in winter as it is in summer.


International Airport


Nice-Côte d’Azur International Airport is located 7 km from the city center and is, after Paris, the largest in France in terms of traffic. A shuttle service provides connections from the airport to the city center, the train station, and the main cities on the coast.


University City


Nice is internationally known as a university city, a cultural metropolis, and an international tourist destination.


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