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Multilingual Recruitment


  Why Choose Corinium Language Associates?

Corinium Language Associates stands out for several reasons:

Specialized Knowledge:   With expertise in placing foreign language-speaking candidates in a job market facing a shortage of multilingual professionals, they provide a screened selection of qualified and experienced multilingual speakers, saving time and money.

Extensive Database:   The company has built an extensive database of multilingual candidates, including speakers of French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Scandinavian, and Japanese. They actively seek new talent to proactively reach out to potential candidates.

Success-Fee Basis:   Corinium Language Associates operates on a success-fee basis, ensuring that no fee is incurred until a candidate starts a job. They also offer a structured rebate if a candidate leaves within the first 12 weeks of employment.

Coverage:   The company covers permanent and contract roles or temporary roles, the latter being managed through their payroll system.


  Support Throughout the Recruitment Process:

Candidate Search:   The company actively seeks new talent and proactively reaches out to potential candidates to provide a screened selection.

Candidate Selection:   Every candidate undergoes a telephone or real-time video interview with multilingual recruitment consultants. Suitable candidates, along with their CVs and summaries, are submitted to clients.

Language Testing:   Corinium Language Associates offers free language assessments to evaluate candidates’ language competence, conducted by qualified assessors following the CEFR standards.

Understanding Your Vacancy and Feedback:   To find successful fits, they thoroughly understand the role, job description, company background, and culture. Regular communication and feedback are valued throughout the recruitment process.


    Specialist Language Tuition


Corinium Language Associates also offers specialized language tuition tailored to the real world. Whether individuals need to enhance their commercial language skills, prepare for a presentation in a foreign language, or adapt to a new cultural environment, their personalized tuition is designed to meet specific needs.


  Reasons to Choose Corinium for Language Tuition:

Tailored Lessons:   Lessons are based on individual needs, focused on specific industries or purposes.

Qualified Instructors:   Learning is facilitated by highly qualified native or near-native teachers.

Flexibility:   Sessions are flexible to fit into busy schedules, allowing for short-notice cancellations or adjustments.

Focus on Progress:   Learners can bring their questions, challenges, and priorities to each lesson, ensuring relevant and rapid progress.

Cultural Understanding:   The tuition includes the study of cultural differences and mindsets, enhancing overall language learning.

Enjoyable Learning:   If learners stop enjoying the sessions, they have the flexibility to change their teacher.


    Language Training Process

Initial Consultation:   A discussion to outline goals, priorities, timeframes, and preferences for location and delivery style.

Tutor Selection:   Careful selection of the right tutor based on individual needs.

Language Skills Assessment:   An assessment of existing language skills, measured against the Common European Framework of Reference.

Regular Progress Reviews:   Continuous reviews of progress, with adaptations to the learning style if needed.

Program Completion:   A progress report and internal accreditation are provided at the end of the program, along with recommendations for further learning.


Whether it’s multilingual recruitment or specialized language tuition, Corinium Language Associates prioritizes customization, flexibility, and client satisfaction. For more information, individuals and businesses are encouraged to reach out to their team for a personalized conversation about their language service needs.


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