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Welcome to UP Education, the leading pathway provider in Australasia.


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Dedicated to supporting international students from around the world in successfully transitioning into English-speaking universities in Australia and New Zealand. Partnering with globally respected institutions, we offers top-tier educational opportunities and industry-leading pastoral care, equipping students with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to excel in university education.

Our University Partnerships

In New Zealand, our partners with three esteemed universities: The University of Auckland, Auckland University of Technology (AUT), and Victoria University of Wellington. These partnerships offer foundation studies programs that prepare students for entry into undergraduate degree programs, ensuring a seamless transition into tertiary education.

In Australia, Up Education collaborates with the University of Tasmania, Charles Darwin University, and Swinburne University of Technology, providing pathways and English programs that cater to the diverse needs of international students seeking quality higher teaching experiences.

Exceptional Learning

At UP Education, we believe in defining learning by the exceptional. Our learning communities throughout Australasia are renowned for delivering outstanding educational opportunities that equip the next generation with skills and attitudes to last a lifetime. With a focus on individualized attention and care, we believe in unlocking exponential potential in every student.

About UP Education

UP Education is a leading multi-sector teaching group delivering Vocational Education & Training, Higher Education, University Partnerships, and Online Education across Australasia. As a top-two pathway provider, UP Education’s foundation programs prepare international students for successful transitions into English-speaking universities, ensuring academic excellence and student success.

Our private colleges offer hundreds of programs across various industries, including Construction, IT, Health, Early Childhood Education, Aged Care, Pharmacy, Hospitality, and Business Management. With a student-centric approach and tailored learning environments, UP Education empowers learners to thrive in diverse fields.

UP Education at a Glance:

– Vocational and Higher Education: Bachelor Degrees, Masters, Diplomas, and Certificates in Australia and New Zealand.
– University Partnerships: Pathway programs leading into undergraduate and postgraduate university education in Australia and New Zealand.
– Online & Blended Learning: Higher Education, vocational, and pathway programs delivered through an innovative online platform.

Our Education DNA

At UP Education, our core values drive everything we do:

– Academic Excellence: Industry-leading educational outcomes.
– Innovative Edge: Investment in EdTech solutions.
– In-Demand Products: Future-focused curriculum and delivery modes.
– Student Success: Support services and industry connections that drive outcomes.
– Powerful Partnerships: Collaboration from grassroots to global.
– Global Reach: Scaled blend of physical and virtual campuses.

Where We Are

UP Education operates 50+ campuses across 15 locations throughout Australasia, offering students access to quality teaching and diverse opportunities for growth and development.

Join us at UP Education, where we are passionate about shaping the next generation of leaders and empowering students to achieve their academic and career goals.



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