SpeechSchool.TV is a comprehensive platform that goes beyond traditional English language learning.




It’s a hub for individuals looking to enhance their speaking skills, regardless of their proficiency level in English. The core focus of SpeechSchool.TV is to empower learners to become confident, articulate speakers, even if they are already proficient in English.


At the heart of SpeechSchool.TV’s approach are their video-based English speaking lessons. These lessons are carefully crafted to achieve several key outcomes:


  1. Increased Confidence: Many individuals may have a strong grasp of the English language but lack confidence in their speaking abilities. SpeechSchool.TV aims to boost confidence levels by providing structured training that hones speaking skills and encourages self-assurance.


  1. Improved Communication: Effective communication is vital in various aspects of life, from personal interactions to professional settings. By refining speaking skills, learners can enhance their ability to communicate clearly and effectively, leading to better results in their endeavors.


  1. Enhanced Persuasion and Influence: The ability to persuade and influence others is a valuable skill in both personal and professional contexts. SpeechSchool.TV’s programs are designed to help learners develop persuasive speaking techniques, allowing them to convey their ideas convincingly and influence their audience effectively.


  1. Clear Speech in Standard English: Achieving clarity in speech and adopting a neutral accent are key objectives of SpeechSchool.TV’s programs. By focusing on standard English pronunciation and accent reduction, learners can enhance their overall communicative effectiveness and be better understood by a wider audience.


The results of SpeechSchool.TV’s programs are tangible and measurable. Through graded assessments, most students experience a significant improvement of up to 20% in their speech clarity or accent reduction within a three-month period. This improvement not only enhances their speaking abilities but also boosts their confidence and overall communication skills.


Founded in 2009 with support from the ecentre at Massey University, SpeechSchool.TV has been at the forefront of online English language education. It was the pioneer in using video training specifically targeted at accent reduction, setting a new standard in online language learning. Today, it remains the leading provider of online speech training, offering comprehensive audiovisual training coupled with moderated assessments.


Simon Angelo, the presenter of SpeechSchool.TV, brings a wealth of experience to the platform. As a graduate of The University of Auckland and Trinity College London, he is not only an accomplished entrepreneur and finance professional but also an author and trainer in business and communication skills. His expertise adds value to the programs offered by SpeechSchool.TV, ensuring that learners receive top-quality instruction.


SpeechSchool.TV offers a range of subscription-based programs tailored to different needs and proficiency levels. The “Master Speaker” program focuses on English accent training, catering to learners of both British and American English. It aims to help learners speak with a neutral, standard accent, making them easily understood by speakers of various English dialects.


On the other hand, the “Master Communicator” program is designed for individuals seeking to improve their public speaking and communication skills. This program covers a wide range of topics, including persuasive speaking, voice coaching, effective communication techniques, and professional broadcasting. It equips learners with the tools and techniques needed to excel in various speaking situations, from presentations to sales pitches.


Both programs offer weekly video lessons, downloadable exercises, and optional speech assessments to track progress. The flexibility of these programs allows learners to tailor their learning experience according to their schedule and learning objectives.


In addition to accent training and public speaking programs, SpeechSchool.TV also provides elocution lessons aimed at refining pronunciation, grammar, style, and tone. These structured lessons have proven results, with learners experiencing gradual improvement in speech clarity and articulation over time.


Overall, SpeechSchool.TV offers a comprehensive platform for individuals looking to enhance their speaking skills in English. Whether it’s improving accent clarity, mastering public speaking, or refining elocution, SpeechSchool.TV provides the resources and guidance needed to achieve success. With its proven track record and experienced instructors, it remains a top choice for those seeking to become confident, articulate speakers.




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