Windsor English Language Centre

Step into the world of language enrichment at Windsor English Language Centre, your premier destination for intensive English courses tailored for adult foreign learners. Nestled in the charming locale of Datchet, adjacent to Windsor, our center opens doors to a dynamic language learning experience. Explore the nuances of our Small Group Course and Private Courses designed to elevate your English proficiency.

Embark on a language journey with our Small Group Course, meticulously crafted for individuals with good Upper-Intermediate to Early-Advanced English levels. With a maximum of three students per class, these interactive sessions ensure a personalized and focused approach. Offering 15 hours per week and a minimum enrollment period of two weeks, this course provides a unique blend of camaraderie and individual attention, fostering a deeper understanding of the English language.

For those at Intermediate level or higher, our Private Courses offer a customized learning path, honing in on specific language areas essential for your growth. With flexible scheduling available during both daytime and evenings from Monday to Friday, and a minimum lesson duration of 90 minutes, these courses provide a tailored and comprehensive approach to language development. Whether you seek flexibility or targeted learning, our Private Courses cater to your unique needs.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil surroundings of Datchet, conveniently located near the River Thames and easily accessible via Datchet Station. The center’s proximity to Windsor ensures a seamless learning experience. As a testament to our commitment to excellence, we encourage students to validate their language skills through external examinations such as the esteemed Cambridge University Examinations in English, offering globally recognized certifications.

Explore our affordable course options, with the Small Group Course priced at GBP 195 per week and Private Courses available for GBP 42 per 90-minute lesson. For a thorough understanding of fees and conditions, refer to our ‘FEES & CONDITIONS’ page, where comprehensive details await to guide your language learning journey.

At Windsor English Language Centre, our commitment is to provide a personalized and effective language learning experience. Whether you choose the camaraderie of the Small Group Course or the flexibility of Private Courses, our programs are designed to meet your unique language goals. Join us in the scenic backdrop of Windsor, where language learning becomes an immersive and enriching journey tailored just for you.


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