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Welcome to Wits Language School, your gateway to language learning and the development of exceptional linguistic skills. With a diverse range of courses covering languages such as isiZulu, French, Portuguese, South African Sign Language, and more, our school caters to the needs of individuals and corporations alike. Let’s delve into the world of Wits Language School to discover how we shape the language learning experience.

Wits Language SchoolWits Language SchoolWits Language SchoolWits Language School

Diverse Language Courses :

At Wits Language School, our course offerings go beyond commonly taught languages. Whether you want to learn isiZulu to better understand South African culture, French for international communication, or South African Sign Language to promote inclusion, our programs are designed to meet varied needs.

English Language Instruction :

We take pride in offering interactive English courses tailored to thousands of students worldwide. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to refine your skills, our engaging teaching approach makes learning English accessible and enjoyable.

TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) :

If you’re considering teaching English abroad, our TEFL course is designed for you. Whether you’re new to teaching or already have some experience, this program will prepare you to teach English as a second or foreign language.

Development of English Skills :

Wits Language School offers a comprehensive range of courses aimed at improving English proficiency in reading, writing, comprehension, conversation, and presentation. Our programs are designed to enhance your linguistic skills holistically.

Language Teaching Courses :

If you aspire to teach languages, our courses will help you develop skills in teaching South African and international languages. We believe in the importance of training competent and passionate educators to facilitate language learning.

Translation and Interpreting :

For those seeking a career in translation or interpreting, our short learning program and standalone courses will help you develop professional skills. We guide you on your journey to becoming a competent and versatile interpreter.

Interactive Learning Environment :

Our school provides an interactive learning environment through modern teaching methods and multimedia resources. We believe that interaction is key to mastering a language, and our courses are designed to encourage active student participation.

Community Engagement :

At Wits Language School, we understand the importance of community in the learning process. We facilitate language exchange programs, cultural events, and community outreach initiatives to create a sense of belonging among our students.

Integrated Technology :

We integrate technology to enrich the learning experience. From online resources to virtual classrooms, we offer a balance between traditional methods and technological innovations to create a flexible learning environment.

Continuous Support :

Wits Language School is committed to supporting students throughout their language learning journey. From pre-course assessments to continuous feedback and post-course resources, we are there at every step of your linguistic journey.

Choosing Wits Language School means opting for more than just language learning. You are joining a dynamic community focused on linguistic excellence and personal development. Explore our range of courses, discover new cultures, and transform your linguistic ability with Wits Language School, where every word counts.



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