Xuk Camp

About XUK Camps

Xkeys Ltd is a company owned and run by brothers Richard and Nicholas Bernstein.

We are OFSTED ‘Outstanding’ & accredited by the BAC

XUK Camps run:

XUK Activity: our summer activity residential camp for children and teens aged 7 -17.

XUK English: our summer language school with exceptional quality English language tuition for children and teens aged 9 -17.

XUK Excel: our elective activity summer camp for children and teens aged 8 -16. International students can improve their English surrounded by our wonderful British culture

Mini Minors & XUK Day Camp: Children aged 3 -12 split into smaller age groups to take part in a huge range of fun, interesting and challenging activities.

Richard Bernstein and Nick Bernstein direct XUK camps

Each year that we run camps and activities, our systems improve, activities develop and we get better at what we do.


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