Yarra College

Yarra College Australia (YCA)

stands as a beacon of educational excellence, a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) provider based in the bustling city of Melbourne. Rooted in the belief that education is the cornerstone of success, YCA is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of professionals and business leaders, equipping them with the skills and training necessary to excel in their chosen fields.

  Our Campus and Commitment to Excellence:

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Melbourne, our state-of-the-art campus, located at Level 6, 190 Queen Street, embodies modernity and innovation. Equipped with cutting-edge training aids, our facilities provide an optimal environment for immersive learning and skill development.

  Mission and Vision:

At Yarra College, our mission is crystal clear—to deliver a superior quality education experience that empowers individuals to thrive in their careers. We are committed to providing comprehensive training that meets the evolving needs of the workforce.


Envisioning a future where excellence thrives, YCA aspires to be a beacon of transformative education. Through unparalleled educational journeys, we aim to empower upcoming professionals and visionary business leaders, instilling in them the essential skills and training imperative for success.

  Core Values:

– Critical Thinking: Encouraging analytical thought and problem-solving skills.
– Commitment to Excellence: Ensuring quality and continuous improvement.
– Respect: Fostering an environment of inclusivity and mutual respect.
– Striving for Excellence: Encouraging students to excel in all endeavors.

  Why Study at YCA:

– Dynamic Learning Environment: Our institution fosters a dynamic and innovative learning atmosphere, guided by experienced professionals.
– Global Outlook: Situated in the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne, YCA embraces a global perspective, enriching the educational experience.
– Experienced Educators: Our faculty comprises highly proficient educators dedicated to nurturing student potential.
– Exceptional Student Support: We offer comprehensive student assistance services to ensure every individual receives the support they need.
– Cost-Effective Investment: Studying at YCA is not merely an investment in education; it is an investment in a promising future.

  Our Facilities:

– Central Location: Situated in the Melbourne CBD, our campus offers effortless accessibility via public transportation, connecting students to inner and outer suburbs.
– State-of-the-Art Kitchen: Our fully equipped commercial kitchen provides an ideal setting for students to hone their practical skills in the culinary arts.
– High-Quality Resources: We provide a range of resources and tools designed to enhance the learning experience, fostering knowledge acquisition and skill development.

At Yarra College Australia, we are committed to empowering individuals to reach their full potential, shaping the leaders of tomorrow through excellence in education and training. Join us on a transformative educational journey towards a brighter future.


190 Queen Street

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